Lamé fabric

Credit: porcupiny

Lamé is a type of fabric made out of a synthetic fiber (nylon, polyester) and metallic threads. Due to the uniqueness of its materials, it is usually rarely seen in everyday clothing, and is rather used in outfits for special occasions or in the theatre industry. It is very difficult to sew, as its metallic threads make it hard to pinch but at the same time make it very fragile and prone to needle holes. In addition, it is difficult to wash even at the dry cleaners; some metallic thread types (silver, brass) may change color over time as any other metallic items (cutlery, jewelry). The fabric has its origins in fencing, as it is protective but also conductive (making it easy to validate a touch with electrical scoring apparatus).

Interesting fact: lamé is now being used for gift wrapping due its shiny appearance.

How do I prepare the fabric?

1. Always clean the sewing machine very well; be especially careful with oils as they will stain the fabric
2. Press it on the wrong side

Sewing details according to fabric thickness:

Fabric thickness Needle Size Stitch Length
Any 60/8-70/10 10-15 stitches per inch

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